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Beauty and Bikinis, Backstage: Behind the Scenes at the 2017 Miss USA Pageant Playing Beauty and Bikinis, Backstage: Behind the Scenes at the 2017 Miss USA Pageant Inside Edition has your first look at the 51 ladies competing to be the next Miss USA on Sunday. Read: Mama June Dons 'Baywatch'-Style Swimsuit After Dropping 300 Pounds The contestants hit the stage in bikinis and high heels for the swimsuit competition this week. The top ten contestants will go on to compete in the nationally televised competition Sunday. In the preliminary rounds, finishing touches were applied to their makeup and hair backstage, as the contestants, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, decided which style is best. Miss Missouri is the first African-American to represent her state. Miss New Jersey emigrated from India and feels she “represents anyone who has ever had a dream.” She said she is facing a challenge wearing a bikini , as she's only worn one a handful of times before. “It's very hard for me." Miss New Jersey said. "The very first time I wore a bikini was October, this is the third time. I believe in not being in your comfort zone." The women sizzled in red, sparkled in gold and dazzled in orange in the evening gown portion of the pageant. Miss Ohio, who's battled congestive heart failure, says she has a special ritual for competition day. “I envision myself standing there and them calling my name and me getting the crown,” she said.

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